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This portfolio started life as a collection of my commercial works of art and animation. I hope to make it much more than that in the near future. Check back often to see the changes as they happen.


The first new addition to this area in a long time is a collection of rendered landscapes created Terragen and other packages. I don't have a fancy index for them yet, but fancy indices aren't why you're here is it? The images are here.


This image is a contract piece rendered for print output. The image is the cover for the book: Unsinkable : The Full Story of the RMS Titanic by Daniel Allen Butler. The title was not finalized at the time of render. The publisher will add titles and captions to the cover.

The gems pictured here were inspired by the five Moxen from Magic:The Gathering and created for Ebytes Infosystems to be used as icons on the WarZone Tournament Center web site.


Pewter Lotus

This image was also inspired by a Magic:The Gathering card called The Black Lotus. I modeled and rendered this for a friend. He requested the pewter finish rather than the more natural finish of the one pictured on the card.

This image represents the emergence of ideas from technology. This image was rendered at print resolution for a Showcase Photo and Video corporate profile piece.

Roman Bath

Gentle morning breezes. Roiling mists off hot water fed from underground springs. Towering columns of marble on slabs of granite. Skylights to let in the fading light of the last stars. A heaven to come, or a summerland of yesterday?

We've all seen the dancing baby on Ally McBeal on Fox Network Television. You've probably seen the dancing baby avi or quicktime movie floating all over the Internet. This image is yet another version of the dancing baby.

Dancing Baby

This image is one element of a larger piece used for the program and advertisements for a play called Black Box: A Play. It was created entirely in Lightwave with no post processing. The original was rendered at 2400x3000 (8x10 300dpi).

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