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I am not going to use this space to preach one brand of thought over another. But rather as an avenue of exploration of differnt modes of thought, varied philosophies and world views. After all, if we never experience a new way of looking at the wonderous world around us, we truly are blind. I hope that the links and other information contained herein can open your eyes, open your mind, and most of all, open your heart.


I am going to do something a bit different. I am going to turn the keyboard over to a guest tonight and let her tell you a bit about a very touching piece she wrote early last year. Her work is called.

"I honestly don't know what to write about's just about comforting yourself when you lose out in the game of love...." -- Kim

What Might Have Been... by Kim Oliver

I would like to present a portion of a document that everyone has heard of but few have read and even fewer understand. Read it, think about it. Ask yourself if there are words worth fighting and dying for, because these are words that have led men and women to do just that. Then ask yourself if they are important enough to you for you to do the same. If so, why? And if not, why not?

"Amendment I" by Washington, Hamilton, Madison, et al.. (signatories)

I am often asked by people if I can help them build a web site. Sometimes, the person asking is a friend, who has a few megabytes of web space through their internet service provider, and simply wants a web site that they can show off. Many times, however, it is someone who wants to conduct business through the web, or has some message to convey to many people. Through the years, I have developed a set of questions that I ask of anyone who comes to me about a web site. Rather than keep these questions to myself, I have placed them here in essay form. I have called it: "So You Want A Website?".

"So You Want A Website?" by C. Scott Bragg

When asked "What do you believe?" I typically answer that I follow an old Western European tradition, with some modern humanism added in, and a generous helping of healthy skepticism for seasoning. I recently came across the following essay while re-reading a few books that had been stored away for a long time. This essay pretty much sums up my world view and how I relate to others with different, sometimes contradictory views. I hope you enjoy it.

"This I Believe" by Robert. A. Heinlein.

I am an avid Babylon 5 fan. Why, you ask, does someone mention a Science Fiction television series on a web page about Philosophy? Because of a quote from one episode, made by one character as he stood face to face with the man who destroyed his civilization and enslaved his people. This monologue is, in my humble opinion, on par with that famous speach by Patrick Henry that we all know so well. For want of a title, I have decided to call this piece, "..Though It Take A Thousand Years..". Enjoy.

"Though It Take a Thousand Years" by J.Michael Straczynski (as spoken by Andreas Katsulas playing the part of Ambassador G'Kar)

You can find out more about this wonderful television show by going to the Babylon 5 section of my Favorites page.

I am always open for discussion and discourse and welcome any and all feed back to what you see here. Please do not hesitate to drop me an e-mail anytime. I look forward to it. Thank you.

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