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Below are all of the websites I have selected as my Sites of the Week since January. Enjoy.


Past Sites of the Week

  • Week of Jan 1, 1998 -- Babylon 5 on TNT
      The official Tuner Network Television (TNT) web site for the great science fiction show: Babylon 5. In a somewhat unprecedented move, Babylon 5 is moving from syndication TO a major Network, whereas most shows go the other way. This site gives you all the details you need to make sure you don't miss a single episode.
  • Week of Jan 7, 1998 -- Newtekniques Magazine
      NewTekniques magazine is a relatively new periodical devoted to all things Newtek. From the venerable Toaster to the hot Lightwave to the latest blockbuster movie utilizing Lightwave 3D for spectacular effects. This month's edition is devoted to one of the largest blockbuster movies of the year: James Cameron's Titanic
  • Week of Jan 14, 1998 -- The Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension
      This funky acid trip of a web site almost defies description. It's pure mind candy and what the web is best at. Almost everything on the site is a link to somewhere and it all somehow makes sense. Don't go here if you're easily overwhelmed.
  • Week of Jan 21, 1998 -- Schoolhouse Rock -- The Unofficial Site
      This site took me back to my wonder years. I fondly remember sitting much too close to our old 1973 GE Console television and watching Saturday morning cartoons. Between the shows, and usually as part of a commercial break, School House Rocky would come on and educate my fertile brain. I remember these songs even to this day, and hope that my kids enjoy them as much as I did. Enjoy this site.
  • Week of Jan 28, 1998 -- Event Horizon Studios
      This week's featured site is the home of the Lightwave Mailing List Contest. Each month, Lightwave 3D animators from all over the world compete in a competition not just for new software but for recognition from their peers. People enter as much for the prizes as for the sheer fun of trying. Drop in, check out some great artwork and vote on your favorites.
  • Week of Feb 4, 1998 -- The International Space Station
       This week's site is an extraordinary site. The International Space Station is the next step to the stars. This site has everything (almost) that you would want to know about it. There is an impressive gallery of images, a link to a real time view of the assembly floor. Schedule of launches, experiments, and construction. Whether you're just a space buff or an aspiring astronaut, this is a site to visit. Check the space section above for other space related sites to visit.
  • Week of Feb 11, 1998 -- Tom's Hardware Page
       This weeks site is one of the first PC hardware oriented sites we've listed. Tom's Hardware Page *the* place to go for unbiased reports on the latest in PC hardware. There are reviews and benchmarks for everything from Video cards to motherboards to processors. Enjoy.
  • Week of Feb 18, 1998 -- Dark City
       This week's site is for Dark City. A new movie from the creators of "The Crow" (another fine movie). From the previews and what is included on this web site, this movie doesn't look like standard Hollywood fare. It's dark, cerebral and assumes the audience has an IQ higher than their shoe size. Visually, the movie is stunning, and should be well worth the price of a ticket. Check out the site, and go see the movie.
  • Week of March 8, 1998 -- Inside Lightwave 3D
       This week's site is not a web site, but a book. A new book by Dan Ablan, author of Lightwave Power Guide, and president of AGA Digital Studios, Inc. AGA Digital Studios is also an authorized Newtek Lightwave training facility. It is his years of experience in both 3D production and training that helps make Inside Lightwave the most significant Lightwave oriented book to date. Dan does not rehash the material in the manuals that come with Lightweave, but instead fills in the gaps and extends the material presented in them. With a firm foundation, he launches into the very contemporary realm of character animation, organic modeling, video compositing and advanced effects such as volumetrics and atmospherics. Whether you're a bare novice, or a seasoned pro, this is an invaluable book. You can order it from your favorite book store, or get it online. I have linked to the site from my Books page.
  • Week of March 30 , 1998 --
       This weeks site is here to help a very intelligent twelve year old boy fight the system. It seems that a toy company has laid claim to the word POKEY and is insisting that the owner of give up his domain. Go to the site, read both sides of the argument and make your own decision.
  • Week of May 11 , 1998 -- South Park
       This weeks site is one that you would have to be living in a cave to not hear about. Southpark is one of only two shows my household never misses. The website is almost as good as the cartoon.
  • Week of May 18 , 1998 -- Prem Subrahmanyam Graphic Design
       This weeks site is only the second Lightwave 3D site picked. Prem Subrahmanyam Graphic Design is responsible for two of the most useful and powerful plugins for Lightwave to date. Surface Effectors and Relativity. Go to the site to check them out and if you're a serious Lightwave animator, don't get caught without them.


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