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Listed below are a representative collection of web sites that I have been directly involved with.


The following are companies or individuals with whom I have collaborated with in the design of various web sites. This is not a comprehensive list, but is instead a list of those people with whom I have an ongoing business relationship.

Ebytes Infosytems
I worked extensively with Ebytes Infosystems to establish the best look for their web sites. I have a strong relationship with their design team and assist them in many ways.

Site design, management, and content from August, 1996 till April, 1997. It was during this time that I acted as the Systems Administrator for the Mindspring Internet Relay Chat server.

Bang Interactive, Inc.
I was deeply involved in the planning, design and implementation of this site. I also created a series of animations for use througout the site as well as contributed to the design of the main index graphic.

As an employ of Bang Interactive, I was called upon to help plan, design and implement this web site. The majority of my work on this site involved the development of a perl based database and automated page generation system for the recruiting section of this web site. The results of this automated system can be found at

Warzone Tournament Center
Ebytes Infosystems contracted to me to create a series of icons based on images taken from the collectible card game: Magic: The Gathering and other ancillary graphics. I also acted as consultant to Ebytes Infosystems on many occasions during the development of this site.

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