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Entering a realm of the mind well known,
The heart begins softly, in a low tone;
To admit defeat is never an easy task,
So the mind is open for the heart unmasked;
Knowing the heart can only speak true,
The mind listens with compassion, for this is not new;
Quietly pondering events that have come to pass,
How could this unsuspecting heart rush in so fast;
Surely the thrill of what is unknown
Forced emotion as though it had grown;
Unrelenting, caution to the wind,
All the excitement of lover and friend;
An image the heart longed for to be true,
The possibilities of love so new;
Two hearts joining together over lonely miles,
Simply a mirage, awakened by denial;
One never willing to search beginning to end,
For the passion and love that might have been.

With a single tear, the heart admits this truth:
Its walls were built in the pain of youth;
But in order to learn, to love, to live,
The walls come down, and pain comes in;
The mind marvels to find that the heart has learned
A valuable lesson with honors well earned;
A pain can only exist, if at first felt was pleasure,
And pain can be healed, not lasting forever;
So the heart grew stronger, standing in the fire
Of emotions so drastically expanded by desire;
Now leaving the realm of the mind once more,
Willing to feel and to not close the door;
Holding on to a passionate him,
Yet sadly reflecting on what might have been.

©1999 Kim Oliver 2/25/99

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